Winter Weather Outlook for Arkansas for Monday, December 22, 2014

John Robinson of the National Weather Service’s Little Rock office says a few thunderstorms may occur in eastern Arkansas tonight and in the southeast part of the state on Tuesday. While an isolated strong thunderstorm cannot be totally ruled out, best chances for severe weather will be off to the southeast of the state. Rainfall amounts from this afternoon into Wednesday will range from a few hundredths of an inch up to 1/4 inch or so. A few spots in eastern Arkansas could pick up close to 1/2 inch.

Winter weather is questionable. If any occurs Tuesday night into Wednesday, it would be in the Ouachita Mountains and/or northern Arkansas, and it would be in the form of snow.

The difficulty with this forecast is that temperatures several thousand feet above the ground will clearly be favorable for snow, but temperatures closer to the ground will be very marginal. At best, any snow would probably range from a few snowflakes in the air to *maybe* a dusting at some of the higher elevations.

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