Weather closes Camp Robinson to Hunting through December 30

ROBINSON MANEUVER TRAINING CENTER, Ark.– National Guard officials here today closed access to the public hunting areas of the installation through December 30, 2012, due to inaccessibility under current weather conditions.  The majority of roads accessing the hunting areas are dirt/gravel road and have not been cleared of the heavy snowfall and downed trees due t minimal staffing during the holidays.  Facility management officials apologize for the inconvenience to hunters, but state that the overwhelming safety considerations for someone becoming stuck in the deep snow and mud or injured and inaccessible by rescue teams was their primary concern.

This closure affects all areas of the installation where hunters would access after checking in at the Camp Robinson Main Gate Visitor Center.  It does not affect those areas of the Wildlife Management Area accessed by public roads in the Grassy Lake area on the northwest corner of the facility.

Hunting access will be reopened to normal use on Monday, December 31, 2012

Major Chris Heathscott
State Public Affairs Officer
Arkansas National Guard
(501) 212-5020