Tragic Tornadoes in Mississippi on Tuesday Reminder That Severe Weather Can Occur in the Winter!

cloud17 (public domain) - 250x250thumbWhen unseasonably warm and humid conditions occur and a strong cold front moves in, the result can be severe weather. On December 23rd and 24th, 1982, a severe weather outbreak struck Arkansas, ruining the holidays for countless people. Altogether, there were 29 tornadoes. Two people were killed and more than 60 were injured. The fatalities occurred in Faulkner and Woodruff counties. Five tornadoes struck Woodruff County and four occurred in Saline County.

There were 4 tornadoes rated as F0, 12 rated F1, 8 rated F2, 4 rated F3, and 1 rated F4. Malvern was hard-hit by an F3 tornado. There were 59 houses, 12 mobile homes, and 7 businesses destroyed. Damaged structures included 453 homes and 62 businesses. An F3 tornado tracked from 4 miles south-southeast of Vilonia to Mount Vernon. Another F3 tornado tracked from just west of Benton to 3 miles south of Ferndale. The F4 tornado affected Sharp and Fulton counties, then continued into Missouri. This tornado was a mile wide in Sharp County.

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