Total Lunar Eclipse Mostly Visible in the Arkansas River Valley early Wednesday, October 8, 2014

lunar eclipse (nasa public domain image)
The second lunar eclipse of 2014 is to happen early Wednesday morning, October 8, 2014, and will be “mostly” visible in the Arkansas River Valley region.  Penumbral eclipse will begin at 3:17am (CST), with total eclipse to be viewable from 5:27am till 6:22am in West Arkansas.

The following is a complete schedule of Wednesday morning’s lunar eclipse in relation to the Arkansas River Valley…

3:17am – Penumbral Eclipse begins
(direction: 236°, altitude: 45.7°)
4:18am – Partial Eclipse begins
(direction: 249°, altitude: 35.2°)
5:27am – Total Eclipse begins
(direction: 261°. altitude: 22.1°)
5:55am – Maximum Eclipse
(direction: 265°, altitude: 16.7°)
6:22am – Total Eclipse ends
(direction: 269°, altitude: 11.3°)
7:32am – Partial Eclipse ends
(not visible)
8:32am – Penumbral Eclipse ends
(not visible)

Learn more about lunar eclipse through this video provided by NASA: