Arkansas River Valley Swap & Shop Rules

Before posting or commenting in this group, it is your responsibility to read these rules thoroughly and know what is allowed and what is not allowed.  Any posts or comments which are not in accordance with these guidelines may be deleted without notice.  Repeat offenders may also be removed and banned from the group!

We’re a very friendly group and will work to keep it that way.  However…a certain amount of “law and order” MUST be maintained to make this group as effective and enjoyable as possible for all.  So please stay within the rules, and we won’t have to throw a hissy fit when you don’t.  ;o)

Due to complications it causes in the group, ONLY ONE photo is allowed per post, UNLESS…you create a photo album on YOUR OWN PERSONAL PAGE and SHARE THAT ALBUM as a post to this group .  There is also a limit of 5 posts per member at any time and no more than 5 posts during a 12 hour period, so, if you have more than 5 items to display, please place them into your own personal albums.

Create your album & add photos…
(A) Click on your name.
(B) Click on “Photos”
(C) Click on “Upload Photos”
(D) Click on the words “Untitled Album”, and you’ll be able to rename the album.
(E) Click on “Select Photos to Upload” and upload photos to you new album.

After you’ve uploaded photos to the album, make that album “public”…
(A) Go to album
(B) Click on “Edit Album”
(C) Then select “Public” from dropdown list in the upper righthand corner.

Then you can either go to an individual photo and click “share” to add that photo to the group as a post…or go to the album and click “share” to add that entire album to the group as a post.

Recently, Facebook has added the option of adding photos to comments under the post.  To use this new feature, just click on the “camera” icon found to the right side of each comment box.

Members have also opted to use “photo collages” to show more photos.  a “photo collage” is actually several photos made into one image.  One popular online photo collage maker is

NOTE…As of June 7, 2015… More than one photo WILL NOW BE ALLOWED under the new “SELL SOMETHING” option, as it’s been determined that multiple photos do not cause the same technical problems as before in that option only. Multiple photos ARE STILL PROHIBITED in the “START DISCUSSION” option. “Group Photo Albums” are also still prohibited. You may also still use “photo collages” and “share your own personal photo albums” as before.

Please do not use this “Sell Something” option when “seeking an item to purchase”, however, as this option includes a “price” field, which would not be necessary in seeking an item to buy.  When seeking an item, please always use the “Start a Discussion”option.

Again…you are allowed FIVE POSTS ONLY!  One post consists of either…
*A “text” post
*A “photo” post
*A “photo album” post from your own page.

Who can and cannot post…

This is a group for individuals living within (or whose heart still resides within) the Arkansas River Valley region of West Arkansas and surrounding area.

FAKE NAMES, FAKE ACCOUNTS, and NAMES INCLUDING BUSINESS NAMES cannot be used while a member of this group.

What can be posted…

A simple rule of thumb for posting items here is to make sure your posts fall within the basic categories of  BUY, SELL, TRADE, LOST, or FOUND.  “Services for Hire” are generally not allowed.  There are, however, a few specific types which may be posted, if you are an INDIVIDUAL WORKING FROM YOU HOME and if you are NOT A BUSINESS.  A few of the allowed “services for hire” include…

Lawnmowing & other general yard care
Baby Sitting (individuals only…not professional day cares)
Scrap Metal Collection

If your specific “services for hire” is not listed here, DO NOT POST IT!

Any transactions to be promoted should be intended to be BETWEEN OR AMONG MEMBERS OF THIS GROUP.  (Please do not ask for or recommend products or a source of products outside this group.)

A limit of five (5) posts per member is permitted.  One post per item…and one item per post.  If you have more than five items to sell, you may consider placing them in a “photo album” on your own page and sharing the album with the group (as explained at the first of these rules), so all these items will appear as only one post.  Please be considerate of others who would like their items to be seen as well.

Please describe your item as much as possible (i.e., size, price, your location, etc.) when posting that item, so comments will be kept to a minimum.  And, if you are NOT interested in buying an item, please DO NOT COMMENT on that item.

GARAGE AND YARDSALES should be posted in the document titled “Garage & Yardsales”.  To find this document, click on “More…” (top of group’s main page)…then “Files”…then click on the “Garage & Yardsales” file.  Please read the rules for this posting at the top of that document before adding your sale to these listings.  The “Garage and Yardsales” post will be bumped by the administrator at least once per day…probably much more than that.  Administrators are the only ones permitted to bump this post.

Regarding “bumping” of posts…

Whenever someone else (or you) comments on a post, it moves that post to the top of the listings…and is considered a “bump”.  You may see some members actually type the word “bump” in the comments area under their own posts…and, by doing this, they are just moving their posts to the top of the list.  This is allowed no sooner than 12-hours after the last comment by either you or another member…so, unless you are genuinely responding to another member’s question, please wait at least 12-hours before manually “bumping” your item to the top of the list.  Also, please DO NOT bump other members’ posts.  You are allowed to bump YOUR POST ONLY!  Please “share the space” accordingly and be considerate of others.

Hijacking other members’ posts…

Use another member’s post to sell or seek a similar item is prohibited.  If you are selling or looking for a similar product, you’ll need to create your own post.

What cannot be posted…

This group is for “individuals”.  This group is not intended for commercial or business use in any way.  Posts and comments PROMOTING BUSINESSES. ORGANIZATIONS, and/or OTHER GROUPS/PAGES (including phone screen captures which show other groups’ names) are not allowed and will be deleted on sight, and the poster could possibly be banned from this group.  This includes business names, business events, and anyone purchasing or creating items for the sole intent of reselling.  As noted above, member names containing businesses are not allowed.  Also profile photos promoting a business are not allowed.

For those creating ARTS & CRAFTS items (items which you create to be sold), we have created another group specially for that.  If you create items which would fall into this category, please post them on the Arkansas River Valley Arts & Crafts group, instead of the “swap & shop” group.  Here is a link to the Arkansas River Valley Arts & Crafts group…

Regarding “Links”…

The ONLY links permitted anywhere in this group are links to members’ personal photo albums and personal page’s posts which relate your item.  Promotion in any kind of any other Facebook group or page, any website, or other similar service is also not allowed.

NEGATIVE COMMENTS directed toward any member or product WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!  Good rule of thumb is…if you’re not interested in buying or selling the specific product, DON’T COMMENT.

Posts and comments promoting political or controversial issues are also not permitted.

FUNDRAISERS and REQUESTS FOR FREE ITEMS (other than animals) is not allowed in this group.

EVENTS (other than yardsales) are not permitted.

RAFFLES and OTHER FORMS OF GAMBLING are not allowed, whether legal or non-legal.

“Make offer” posts are not allowed.  If you post an item for sale, include a price and be prepared to sell it at that price.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Helpful tips…

Finding your posts…

One way to find your post in the Swap & Shop is to use the “group search box”, next to the little “magnifying glass” icon in the upper right of the group page.

When the search box isn’t working right (which happens occasionally), you can just scroll down the list, keeping an eye on the “date stamp” of the last comment of each post. This will tell you where you are, timewise, and help you reach to reach your post according to when your post was created.

Your “activity log” also comes in quite handy. To find that, just click on the “downward arrow”…far right hand side of the blue menu area across the top of facebook. Click on that downward arrow, and you’ll see “activity log” listed.

If you don’t want a load of email sent to you every time someone posts to the group, be sure to EDIT YOUR SETTINGS…

Click “Edit Settings” on the top right of this page.  Then “UNCLICK” where it says “Also send an email to (your email address)”.  (unless you WANT all those emails, of course.)  You can also make other changes about how this group operates within your individual account.

“Text posts” and “pictures” are two separate things…so don’t expect a “text post” you made to stay next to the “picture” you posted next to the post in the listings.  If you post a picture, please include your description of that item either in the “caption” area or in the first comment of that picture…and not in a separate text post.  And, of course, don’t post both a “picture” and a “text post” of the same item.

Be sure to add your friends using the “Add Friends to Group” link in the right hand column.  The more members in our list, the more powerful the group will be for ALL…so TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The group is a service of…  …where you’ll find helpful information about quality, family-type entertainment close to home.  While at our website, be sure to subscribe to our “River Valley News Blog” to keep up with events and happenings around the Arkansas River Valley.  And, if you own or manage a business, please consider adding that business to our “Business Directory“.  This helps to keep services like this “Swap & Shop” group alive.

You can also join the Facebook group here…

And we have a brand new ONLINE CLASSIFIEDS website here…

Arkansas River Valley Shopper

Again, thank you for joining “Arkansas River Valley Swap and Shop”!  Please feel free to contact me with your questions, comments, or you friendship.

Randy Forrester (Group Administrator)

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