Severe Thunderstorm near Clarksville Downs Trees, Causes Accident

A strong thunderstorm which began gaining strength near Scranton, this evening, brought pea to dime sized hail and some flooding to Clarksville, before proceeding northwest.  The National Weather Service labeled the storm as “severe”, as it was leaving the Clarksville area.  The storm then downed several trees north of Clarksville and was believed to have been responsible for at least one auto accident on Highway 21.

A small tree was downed at the US Forest Service’s Pleasant Hill Ranger Station (top photo), and other trees were downed just off Highway 21 just south of Ludwig, near the Blossomberry Nursery business.  Several larger trees were found downed in a field off Johnson County Road 3481 north of Clarksville (bottom photo).  No structural damage was immediately seen, other than the minor damage to the corner of the roof at the ranger’s station.

Later reports also include…
*Limbs & tree tops broken on Highway 292 and the roof of a pump house blown off in that area also.
*A tree blown down on Mills Road near Baldor.
*A lot of Limbs down on Clarksville’s Skaggs Road.