Multiple Record Warmest Low Temperatures Set in Arkansas

While the National Weather Service warns, again, of dangerously high temps above 100 degrees in the valley, reports from the the past couple of morning have shown some of the warmest mornings seen in the North Little Rock area in the month of July since records began  on November 1 1976.

The all time record warmest low temperatures for the month of July prior to the temperatures observed this month is 82 degrees, set on July 21 2003, July 29 1999, July 8 1998, July 14 1980, July 13 1980, and July 10 1980.

So far this month…North Little Rock has had a low temperature of  82 degrees on July 10 and July 11.  These go down as a tie for the warmest low temperature for the month of July at North Little Rock.

However…on July 12th, the low temperature at North Little Rock was 83 degrees.  This sets a new record for the warmest low in the month of July.

On top of these all time record warmest low temperatures, daily records have been set as well.

*July 10…the low of 82 degrees ties the record set in 1980
*July 11…the low of 82 degrees broke the record of 79 degrees set in 1980
*July 12…the low of 83 degrees broke the record of 81 degrees set in 1980

The following shows the updated warmest low temperatures at North Little Rock for the month of July…

*83 degrees on July 12 2011
*82 degrees on July 10 and 11, 2001
*82 degrees on July 21 2003
*82 degrees on July 29 1999
*82 degrees on July 08 1998
*82 degrees on July 10…13…and 14, 1980

Also…the 83 degree morning on July 12 ties the all time record for warmest morning in North Little Rock for the entire year.  The only other time 83 degrees was the low temperature was on August 28…29…and 30 of 2000. This is indeed a rare occurrence.