Local Native Overcomes Physical Obstacle to Inspire Others

Arkansas River Valley native Lindsay Sims is an “above knee amputee”. As her Facebook page reveals, Lindsay was born with a condition called “Proximal Femoral Focal Disorder” – essentially meaning her left femur was dramatically shorter than her right. Lindsay had a special prosthetic for the majority of her life…and didn’t become an amputee until she was twenty-two years old.

Although running has always been a challenge, Lindsay was determined to play sports as a child. She says she hasn’t been able to do that since her amputation, but completing a 5k has always been a dream of hers. Her goal, right now, is to run her first 5K during the 2014 Johnson County Peach Festival in her hometown of Clarksville, Arkansas.

Lindsay’s husband is in the Air Force and they are stationed in Abilene, Texas. The majority of Lindsay’s time is spent there raising their daughter, but she does travel, every six weeks, to Little Rock, Arkansas for work as a Horton’s Orthotics and Prosthetics Lab represenative. Her work takes her to different hospitals and to speak with new amputees, answer questions, and provide them with insight about the challenges and obstacles they’re likely to face, as well as to help them realize they can still live a full quality life.

Lindsay is also a board member of a nonprofit called ABLE, Amputees Beyond Life’s Expectations. ABLE’s aim is to reach out to fellow amputees and foster community growth…and Lindsay’s purpose running the Johnson County Peach Festival’s 5K, next year, is to help raise money for the group and expand it throughout the region.

In order to accomplish this, Lindsay needs to raise $10,000 for a running leg with special components. Lindsay and the Horton company are working hard to raise the money on their own, but are also seeking sponsorships, as well as individual donations.

For more information and to learn how you can help, visit Lindsay’s Facebook page…


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