International Space Station Viewing Opportunity over Arkansas River Valley on Sunday

ISS-in-Orbit-NASA-Public-DomainEarly risers in the Arkansas River Valley should have a good view of the International Space Station on Sunday morning, August 3rd, for six minutes starting at 5:07am. The station will track, generally, from the northwest to southeast across the dark early sky.  The forecast calls for clear skies, so viewing should be possible, if fog is not present as was on Saturday morning.

Depending on the weather, the ISS may also be visible for six minutes on Sunday evening starting at approximately 9:47pm, traveling WSW to NE.

Other nighttime opportunities for Monday, August 4th are…
– 4:18am for 6 min, NW to ESE
– 5:56am for 4 min, W to SSW
– 8:58pm for 6 min, SW to NE