Enjoy the Warm Sunday! Wintery Weather is Back in the Forecast for North Arkansas!

After temperatures forecast for the mid 70s in much of the Arkansas River Valley on Sunday, near 40 readings will be the predicted low for overnight…then mid 30s for a Monday high.

John Robinson, Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the National Weather Service office in Little Rock says a strong cold front will enter northwest Arkansas by late this afternoon and then move through the rest of the state tonight and Monday morning.

After midnight tonight, temperatures should fall enough such that some light freezing rain or freezing drizzle will occur in northwest Arkansas. By dawn on Monday, some light freezing rain or freezing drizzle should spread to parts of north central Arkansas, especially in areas close to the Missouri border.

On Monday, the light freezing rain or freezing drizzle will spread across the remainder of northern Arkansas and work a little farther to the south. Most of the icing should be seen in the northern three rows of counties, with the biggest emphasis on the northern two rows.

Most, if not all, of the precipitation should exit the state Monday night.

Most of the icing that occurs is likely to be on trees, power lines, bridges, overpasses, and other elevated roadways. I need to emphasize that we are expecting only light icing. Most places will see no more than a few hundredths of an inch.

With the potential for slick spots on the bridges and overpasses, it appears likely that some Winter Weather Advisories will need to be posted in forecasts issued later today.

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